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German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue 2020

Hanne Marit Grønning Strand
Senior Project Leader
+47 22 12 82 19

Tor Kristian Haldorsen
Project Team Member
+47 22 12 82 33

German and Norwegian energy markets are closely inter-linked, and the effort to create a European internal energy market will contribute to a further deepening of this relationship. How can Norway and Germany benefit from a deepening of ties in the energy sector? And which technologies will prosper in an energy market in continuous transformation? The German-Norwegian Energy Dialogue is an arena for dialogue on the most important developments within the German-Norwegian energy cooperation. In cooperation with our German and Norwegian partners, we invite industry, politicians and organizations from both countries to discuss the potential for intensified bilateral energy cooperation, as well as to share ideas and knowledge on market and technology developments.

More information to follow.