Sep 18 bis Sep 19


Military requirements for systems, subsystems, components, equipment and services within the GER-NOR 212CD Submarine Programme

The Governments of Norway (NOR) and Germany (GER) have decided in February 2017 to procure submarines together – 4 boats for NOR and 2 boats for GER. tk MS has been selected as the supplier and the submarines will be offered to the Governments in accordance with a Request for Quotation (RfQ) that both procurement agencies – NDMA for NOR and BAIINBW for GER – have issued in July 2017.The submarines are based on the proven HDW class 212A for the GER Navy and will be of a Common Design and are therefore called “212CD”.

The NOR state has high requirements for Industrial Co-operation (IC) to the supplier for a procurement programme of this importance for the country.The involvement of the NOR industry in the design, production, testing and delivery of the 212CD submarines is of utmost relevance for the realization of the project. In this context tk MS has asked us to support their efforts to enable NOR companies to deliver material and services for the project.

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