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Nor-Shipping 2019

Meet the maritime world at the German Pavilion


Nor-Shipping is one of the leading maritime event weeks, a key meeting arena for companies from across the entire maritime value chain and from around the globe.

The 2017 show welcomed 31,500 delegates from 75 different countries and offered conferences, seminars, executive meetings and social events.

A lucid layout featuring national pavilions, industry segments and “theme parks” optimizes the experience for both exhibitors and visitors.

What is unique to Nor-Shipping?

Here you can meet all the high level decision makers in a very relaxed business atmosphere, both on the fair grounds and numerous networking events in the city. The show is a prime arena for German companies to strengthen their position in Norwegian, Scandinavian and international markets.

Show your position in the industry and meet old and new partners!

German Pavilion

„Made in Germany“ a well-known mark of quality

As one of the largest country representatives, the German Pavilion is an institution on the Nor-Shipping. Under the worldwide recognized mark of quality "Made in Germany" we ensure a visually convincing and strong attendance of the German maritime industry

Focus on your customers

Our turn-key solution makes it possible for you to fully focus on your customers.

Pavilion at prime location

The German pavilion will be located at the at the heart of the trade show in Hall C. Placed next to Siemens, as well as the Norwegian and the Dutch national pavilions.

Happy Hour

Invite your customers to the German pavilion and enjoy a drink and some snacks in our lounge

A true maritime nation

Norway is home to one of the oldest and most extensive maritime cluster in the world, with every part of the value chain represented, everything from highly specialized shipyards and leading shipping companies, to classification companies and financial service providers. This makes Norway one of the world’s largest ship owning nations.

High Tech

Norway is a frontrunner when it comes to green maritime technology. Norway is also known for its high willingness to adopt to new technologies. With strong economic links between Norway and Germany, the opportunities especially in upcoming areas like GreenTech and Maritime 4.0 are huge. in order to develop new businesses and cooperation.

Sustainable Shipping

Norway is a frontrunner for ocean health. With an increasing attention on emissions reduction, Norwegian authorities and decisionmakers continue to actively support and promote developments of international sustainable maritime regulations and industry standards.

Arctic opportunities

The High North represents tremendous opportunities for economic growth, research and innovation. Sustainable exploitation of these opportunities exposes operators and equipment to challenges that require specialised competence and experience. Norway and the Norwegian maritime industry will play a major role in unlocking the artic potential.