mai 07

Maritime business transformation

Nettverksmøte og lunsj

I samarbeid med den tyske bransjeorganisasjonen «Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland» inviterer vi til nettverksmøte og lunsj hos Ocean Industry Forum Oslofjord. Her vil vi diskutere forandringene og utfordringene den maritime næringen står overfor i forbindelse med ny teknologi, digitalisering og autonomi. Det vil være anledning til å treffe tyske bedrifter som besøker Oslo i forbindelse med en reise i regi av Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland.


Velkomst ved Tom O. Kleppestø, og Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland

Pia Meling, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Massterly AS – A Kongsberg Wilhelmsen Joint Venture

The two major Norwegian companies Wilhelmsen and Kongsberg have joined forces to lead the development of autonomous shipping globally. These two strong and innovative companies each own 50% of Massterly AS, which started operations in September 2018. The main purpose of Massterly is to develop environmentally friendly, safe and cost-efficient logistics, enabling a shift in transportation from congested roads to the sea. Massterly will offer services for the customers’ entire value chain for autonomous ships; from vessel design and approval from relevant authorities, to control systems, logistics services, vessel operations, insurance and possible assistance on financing.



About Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland

The Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) is a network for businesses, academia and politics. The association creates platforms for dialogue, promotes contacts to other relevant industries and networks, and supports its members in their efforts to develop ideas, services and products and to establish them in the marketplace. The trip to Oslo is part of MCN’s internationalization strategy, aiming for a more intense exchange and co-operation with the Scandinavian maritime industry. During the trip, participants will discuss green shipping, navigation, digitalization und autonomous transport. The group consists of experts in mechanical engineering, maritime communication, electric propulsion, autonomous shipping, global logistics, recycling, nanotechnology, business intelligence, and cloud solutions.



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