okt. 11

AHK Frokostmøte med Expense Reduction Analysts

The newest trends in cost management & practical advices to reduce indirect cost in your company

The breakfast meeting will give you a short insight into key themes and challenges facing todays procurement. We will also discuss some of the most important changes that will meet CEOs with enterprise 4.0 and will give you 10 top tips for optimizing costs in your company.

The questions we will discuss in the meeting are:

> Why is effective cost management so important?
> Which are the most effective strategies for cost reduction?
> Why is it important to make a difference between strategic and nonstrategic costs?
> What is the best way for companies to get fit for growth?
> How can big and small companies reduce their indirect costs without any risk?


In the last 30 years, Sabine Kley, Partner at Expense Reduction Analysts AS, has been working as a business consultant and general manager with cost reduction and profitability improvement with significant top and bottom line results for German, Norwegian, and international companies in all sizes. She worked i.a. with Lufthansa (D, OE, SE), Chemische Werke Hüls (D), Vorwerk (D, NL), Servo Chemicals (NL), Arcus Kjemi (N), CDG Sandberg (N), Software Innovation (N), Boligeiendom Berlin (N).

About Expense Reduction Analysts

Established in 1992, Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) helps companies to realize significant cost savings, which leads directly to being more competitive, added profit and improved cash flow. ERA is a cost management consultancy focused on delivering improved business performance to clients of all sizes in both the private and public sectors. Operating in over 30 countries, Expense Reduction Analysts' 700 consultants provide deep industry expertise in a wide variety of more than 40 expense categories, such as waste management, insurance, transport, marketing costs, bank charges, fleet management, telecommunications and many others.

Registration and light breakfast from 8.30 am, the presentation starts at 9.00 am.
After the presentation we open for questions and answers.

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